09 July 2007

July 2007 links

'root' = Oz intercourse (uDict via oDvrwhr)
Blogger zen (RWx-short)
New Hubblepix of Veil Nebula (1pg via U2day)
tDunc suicide reconceptualised as augmented-reality game (DreamsEnd-4pg)
Typology of reasons for having sex (NyT w/popup via eAard)
Catherine O'Hara IS Liv Ullman (yTube-8min)
Pete'n'Kate, for tDunc's sake (UkMirror)
Send the SpiceGirls to Baghdad (digg w/form)
HBd KT (yTube-3min via eAard)
I have a C-plus at life (oDvrwhr)
TheGrayKid trance tune (mRob w/mp3) yum
Nice pic (flickr)
Pre-WWW Internet-fad nostalgia (1993 alt.cascades)
Intriguing popmusichistory blog (UkG-no-rss? via l4)
Intercut b-movie origins of 'Airplane' (2-yTubes-12min via Waxy)
Simpsons neologisms (Cracked-2pg via VH1)
Joni on Canadian postage stamp (pic)
"Army of None: Strategies to Counter Military Recruitment" (Znet-bkrev)
Upcoming-eclipses worldmap (StrangeMaps)
Update on MIT's robots (nytMag-longish via Hrslf)
TheSingularity hyped at Transhumanist conference (Reason)
Terror threat vs other modern dangers (graph via Anrchia)
Suzanne Vega on NPR's World Cafe tonight (NPR-no-info) bleh
Avoiding pot busts (Radar-3pg via tOccult)
Sounds like 01April: Halo3 replacing NPCs w/offshore humans (02July via Herself)
Giddy footage of Carmack's test-rockets evolving (mpg-8min via malaclypse)
MarkTwain visits nTesla (GeoCities-arcane -pic via malaclypse)
Stills from deleted Strangelove piefight (GeoCities via boogah)
Youngest chess grandmasters (cBase-table)
Why we cheer when the Dow falls (dBaker-shortish)
Cute photo (flickr)
Ning and eight 'social network' competitors (tCrunch w/table)
Robot cat uses Ortony's emotion-model (MIT-2pg-arcane w/pix)
User-defined/celeb hair-face mashups (HairMixer)
Sia: "Can't you see that I am losing my marbles?" (yTube-3min-don't-miss)
WoW tops Halo and Sims as time sink (Ktku-table)
Implausible dream of nanotech Difference Engine (BBC via Engdgt)
$350 humanoid robot can walk (rDreams-yTube-90sec)
Dud laptop ejected from ISS (sRef-short via NasaW)
GoogleGossip (GgCoop-not-mine)
F like in 'phonics' (oDinny)
How the word 'kayak/caique' may have circled globe (long-arcane via dy)
Poker AI loses narrowly (AFP-PhysOrg via Engdgt)
Followup on wStair suicide incl Scientology connection (RigInt)
New LRB incl Blackwater, Cheney (toc)
Bonobos reconstructed (cPunch-sBlock)
$10 mod for HalfLife2 offers physics sandbox (fMotion w/Flash vid)
Bible scholars debate Wikipedia (ntGate-thread)
$150 Linux laptop (Engdgt)
PurpleHaze instrumental onomatopoeia (friv)
Post-jLo mnemonic shorthand (blog w/pdf)
3*5 bookmark remembers which line too (blog w/pix)
'Howl' rewritten for Lindsay Lohan (yTube-3min bia VH1)
Longish DavidLynch profile/intvu (Oz via Cinem)
Pants pocket just right size for 'Love in Time of Cholera' (new Onion)
Aeron chair as bikeseat (1pg-phat via Make)
Wii controller specs (Make w/pix, links)
Analog mini-robots (Make w/pix, links)
Arcane 1981 nostalgia for Activision's 2600 programmers (yTube-6min via Ktku)
1st new Joni since 1998 in Sept at Starbucks (Reuters-WaPo)
Online PhotoShop wannabe (pikifix-Flash via lf)
Chartreuse, puce, fuschia, cyan, teal, etc... but no taupe (1pg-pix via digg)
Short overview of nervous-system evolution (dy-bkrev)
Aerial photography blog (1pg-phat w/rss)
Jodorowsky (El Topo) update (intvu-long)
TomTomorrow on modern news cycle (vVoice)
More most-realistic 2ndLife avatar pix (1pg-phat)
'Teen 2ndLife' a dud (nwNotes-thread)
NatalieDee video blogs (26-yTubes)
Nixon on Kissinger (RWx-vshort)
"A sensitive person is never a cruel person" --vNabokov (no hits!?)
msWord can't do Wordperfect-style RevealCodes due to 'property bags' (2004-arcane)
HoldenCaulfield's commencement address (McSwnys-vvvshort)
wStair RIP (RigInt)
DavidBrooks' economic errors (dBaker)
WeeklyWorldNews pulling plug (3pg via Sam)
DonHopkins on porting SimCity to hoaxtop (arcane-Mar2007)
Deconstructing bonobos (NYer-loooong)
Longish backgrounder on bottled water (FastCo via dDiam)
'Chore Wars' game rewards housework (site via Gimbo)
1500 Filipino cons re-enact 'Thriller' (yTube-5min-arcane via dY)
Buzz kill (Dilbert)
Eight bonobo faces (NYer-toc)
New NYRB on Iraq, Sopranos, Sontag (toc)
Update on Paris's rent-a-bike program (laT via Sam)
Good intro to USA's Israel problem (tDig via Sam)
take this / big heap of wet hay / in your pitchfork (vDaily-weird)
a cold, tall glass of rum & coke / standing on a table (vDaily)
patterning a name in driblets of iodine / that spatter your skin in stars (vDaily)
Vast is this water, vast and incapable of solace (vDaily)
there can only be intelligence / in all of Iceland's bees (vDaily-arcane)
small rushes / of air from the tiny plush lungs / of birds (vDaily)
Let me / put on my magic cloak, take it off (vDaily-shivery)
we ascended / bareback into the fields, liquid shapes (vDaily)
The republic of dishonor (RWx-vshort)
Joyce's unfinished tetralogy? (RWx-vshort)
My fave LP (vrare) at Chgo shop ($7 w/typo)
Harry Potter stats (L1=$2, via iGreed)
Jonah Klute, Fudge Maker (recent-Onion-mots)
How black was he? (oDinny)
They call me MR JigglyPuff (oDvrwhr)
How-walkable-is-yr-neighborhood atop GgMaps (Flash via Sam)
Links On The MF-ing Page: a hypertext abc (RWx)
Joyce's Odyssean trilogy (RWx-arcane)
Jesus B (a conjecture) (RWx-short)
Robot Jenny lyrics (RWx-vfriv)
Falling rents mask shaky economy (dBaker w/typo)
Which 80s bands still selling well/not (stats via Fim)
Dog In Purse Stares Longingly At Dog In Yard (new Onion)
Matthew's Jesus calls gentiles 'dogs' (Matthew 15)
101 horrible real icecream flavors (1pg-phat via ttWire)
Iran-attack rumors rewarming (UkG via Harpers)
Pfizer's going to want its $50 back (Onion-mots)
'Surge' raises GreenZone dresscode to all-Kevlar (McC via Sam)
Hoaxtop dynamo update (blog w/yTubes)
How do you stay in business? (oDinny-profane)
Getting medieval on yr syntax (oDvrwhr)
MeLovesCookies' old school art project (flickr-arcane)
MichaelMoore vents righteously at Wolf Blitzer (yTube-15min via ?Steve)
'Random-policy generator' (Dilbert)
iSniff (nDee)
her archives are finally convenient 1-pg/month-ers
Purported HarryPotter spoilers from hacker 'Gabriel' (Insecure via GgBlogs)
UrbanDictionary as amplifier for tech neologisms (GgOS-list)
I'd like a grande hazelnut latte and a new president (oDinny)
Lowered expectations (oDvrwhr)
'pickouts' = bruised fruits/veggies (dTongue)
Six Degrees of Bob Dylan (Fim-friv)
Some feedreaders ignore incremental updates (ahem)
Robert Anton Wilson etexts (links via tOccult)
Don't drug-test editors two weeks before the deadline (oDoffice)
Racists r funy (oDinny-chosen)
Temp Hides Fun, Fulfilling Life From Rest Of Office (Onion)
Western farms losing irrigation table (local via Sam)
Oil prices going up lots further (FT via Sam)
Eliminating signs improves traffic safety? (blog via Sam)
(Transcribed) oral history of "The Simpsons" (vFair-long via Waxy)
Clare Short on Palestinians' plight (transcript via Sam)
'Endarkenment' started in Feb 1967? (rStone-extract via dTongue)
MemeWatch: judeofascism (GgW-2000hits)
Variants of US-states-vs-world-GDPs map (sMaps-phat)
Default passwords for commercial hard/software (1pg-long via mshook)
USA map showing where single men/women predominate (sMaps)
Design-critique of terrorist-org logos (1pg via Waxy)
Linking crime rates to environmental lead (iSteve w/links)
Vrecent Spinal Tap reunion (yTube-11min)
Retarded! Retarded! Retarded! I wanna be retarded! (oDinny)
Blonde: I'm only dumb on the outside! (oDvrwhr-tsia)
Tag says it all (RWx-vvshort-friv-arcane)
Gore Vidal vs LA power company, re solar (intvu via Sam)
'Sicko' again (GgV-2hr via Fim)
Infosthetics discovers whitespace (iSthtcs w/links)
Exhaustive guide to GgW search syntax (loong via Blgscpd)
Moses w/toast (NYer/cBank)
Heh (imho) (Canon 2.0)
100 best games evar (1pg w/pix via jm)
GgBooks now offers etexts too (GgOS) [more]
?New issue of Cabinet ezine (toc via Harpers)
If Fulbright had been JFK's Sec. of State (mWeiss)
Mexican monopolist tops Gates and Buffett (iSteve-short)
So, did you get any good pictures of the brie? (oDinny-1-liners)
"Are we the Americans or the British in that analogy?" (Onion-mots)
Hedgefund realism/pessimism (dBaker-short)
GgRWWL custom search (GgCoop)
Artsy astropix (1pg-phat via Anrchia)
Nabokov-the-critic impersonated (Steve w/links)
AlJazeerah rumblings (aAard)
NYRB fiction issue (toc)
...hauling out at last my slippery fish of a son... (NYer)
Harold Bloom rates presidential poets (NYer-short via eAard)
Special July 4 issue (Onion)
GoogleBlue progressive-political search engine (GgCoop)

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