24 November 2005

Videogame music on the Tree of Life

we've considered
(and rejected)
the following representations
for music on the Tree of Life:

kilohertz-level micro-stripes
(impossible to eyeball)

abstract-colorshape animations
(not mathematical enough)

midi performance-encoding
(too instrument-dependent)

pandora musicological analysis
(not descriptive enough of moods)

another domain
that faces a similar problem
is 'scoring' videogames

where a scene may be of any length
and of any, varying mood

and where too-repetitive music
will be a huge turnoff

so the grail, here
is flexible music synthesis

that might begin from pandora-style variables
mapped onto game-plot-complications:

how should the rhythms and harmonies change
when a room is cleared of enemies?

when it's apparently cleared?

when you open a door? or a crate?

our virtual accompanists
on the Tree of Life

start from a broader version
of the same questions

as if the videogame of life
has gradually added more and more
plot complications
requiring more and more
musical subtleties

evolving up the Tree of Life