14 October 2008

no promised land, no holy book, no chosen people

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My new one-bit RWx-auxiliary blog (GgReader)

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$400 sleep 'lab' (NYT via gPost)

Pattern of Israeli links in organ theft (cFire via gRoom)

Orthodox Jews debate ethical priorities (viN)

Effing brilliant BramCohen interview (longish)

Witty review of new Cowboys megastadium (Wkbnch)

GTD workflow map (flickr via 2mm)

Judaism's 'ethic' of omerta (viN)

Crowdsourced astronomy discovers new galaxy-class (sciBlog)

Updates on Woodstock bands {list}

Simple plot-skeleton generator (php via Triv)

Quakers called 'virulently antisemitic' (JTA via niqnaq)

JulietteLewis update (longish via Jz)

that night the bats flew out / from the water and swarmed everywhere for miles / like black tongues (vD-longish)

Tim O'Brien on fiction and play (longish via 2Pass)

Journalism degrees are stupid (HuffPo via cShirk)

New OED cd (Az-$200)

6 types of connection between books and songs (dBreast)

Mary Beard on Aurelius (LRB-long)

'LoveShack' duet, B52s/Sugarland (Flash-5min)

Historical Thesaurus of the OED (ukMail via Jz)

iPhone as tracking device (shortish via /.)

Goldman's software 'unfair' (short via iSteve)

Re-editing the Old Testament (pdf-23pg via Ralph)

Rabbi: "before the Zionists came, [Arabs and Jews] lived together" (viN)

Lucid ArundhatiRoy update (UkG)

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Plot-theory review (incl Polti) (UkG-long)

8 firstaid myths (lHack-1pg)

40pix of worldwide McD's menu items (1pg via lf)

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NudeFreedomDay at the NightOwlCafe (flickr-collage)

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'Mall Cop' bests 'Public Enemies' (iSteve-longish)

Actors who could play siblings (Cinem-list)

Where are we, what are we doing, / what ruined god moves us at his pleasure (vDaily)

Rabbi: Better jail than hearing singing women (jPost via viN)

Krishnamurti Foundation foundering (arcane)

Childhood movie-theater experiment in anarchy (Cinem)

Effectively haunting EdHarcourt video (Flash-4min)

Why NPR lies for Israel (mWeiss)

Don't-miss DixieChicks-vs-wBu documentary (GgV-90min)

Jacko's genius lasted about 6mos (iSteve)

'Vexel' art (1pg-loong)

What is WSJ's 'Inner Truth'? (pKrug-short)

Charming literary dustups (pHen-ukTel)

Perfectest pumpkin // in the patch, your heft on mine / is what I crave (NPR)

Fundamental crisis in capitalism (iGrd w/link)

63yo NeilYoung makes 67yo Macca look lightweight (yT-8min)

Revived mp3-blog experiment (rw w/rss)

IrisMurdoch on BBC today (8pmGMT)

RollingStone expose on Goldman-Sachs (12pg-imgs)

Dogme2010: the videogame (MTV via Cinem)

1st new Stewart-Gaskin in 18yrs (aaJ-2pg)
"Baby, that's beer money. Just push me down the stairs and we'll go out." (oDinny)
Rave w/vids for IncredibleStringBand (bgSpec)

Visualising bailout-costs (diagram via lf)

Human body's energy budget simplified (RoT)

Did gammaray burst cause Ordovician extinctions? (lSci)

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Iran complexities simplified (moonAL)

rFisk on Iran complexities (ukInd)

NPR speech-impediments snark (MeFi-2007)

Is Betelgeuse about to go supernova? (sNews-short)

New Mossad-conspiracy testimony (Nation via mjb)

AliceMunro story filmed as "Away From Her" (NYer-loong)

MemeWatch: "... 3. ??? 4. PROFIT!" (Twittersearch)

Why financial teevee is stupid (list via iGrd)

Width of extended hand = 15 degrees (RoT-vshort)

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Awesome photosurrealist (3000pix)

1965 PattyDuke movie dance number (yT)

Bing close 2nd in ongoing blind test (Blgscpd w/link)

Jawdropping Java demo (Base26 via lYellow)

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'supercut' = exhaustive survey montage (links-list)

20 feminist teevee characters (Jz-1pg)

Sun moving away from Earth 15cm/yr (newSci)

Recycled-fridge-magnet bookmarks (1pg via lHack)

MemeWatch: paraprosdokian (twitter-search)

Mars rover stuck in ?dustdune (astroPic)

Pak drones inspire folklore (ukG via moonAL)

Fire Bernanke! (dBaker)

Goto considered helpful (thread-arcane)

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13 October 2008

06 October 2008

miscellaneous topics

i'm caught between two platforms...

robotwisdom.com will blink out again
at the end of this month
unless another volunteer host turns up

i was appalled to learn that google
declines to index pages with more than 100 links
assuming they're spam
(i think pages with <100 are lazy)


has killed linkblogging for me
at least temporarily

i've fallen in love with reCAPTCHA

the little boost of knowing
i'm proofing random texts
makes that burden a joy

i tried the new online Monopoly
and find it pointless
except the perspective it offers
on googlemaps AI

if it implemented a map-recaptcha
i'd love it
to fill out the googlemaps model
with geographic intelligence

(Monopoly relaunches this week
if you want to try it out

about the only strategy
is sabotaging neighbors
or not

rural areas have few/no neighbors)

it may be a dark age for linkblogging
but it's interesting times for web 2.0

with tiny tweaks from myspace to facebook to twitter
bringing revolutionary vibe-shifts

which have many evolutions to go

it has to go back to
usenet's decentralised distribution

and i've got an idea
for a new antimath symbol
probably just "+"
that represents
a hypothetical absolute moral ideal

snubbed by almost all
subbing half-measures

pursued tirelessly by one or two


Comicstrip trivia quiz

Which strips feature these characters: (highlight to see answers)

Hiram Flagston A: Hi and Lois

Thelma Keane A: Family Circus

Alice Mitchell A: Dennis the Menace

Jonathan Q. Arbuckle A: Garfield

Walt and Connie Duncan A: Zits

Bill and Anne Andrews A: Cathy

Brutus and Gladys Thornapple A: Born Loser

Phil and Dottie Winslow A: Marmaduke


Wikipedia hasbara

Wikipedia topics that omit important info because it reflects badly on Israel/Judaism: [meta]

Munich (film): omits all reference to Spielberg's omission of the Lillehammer affair

Talmud: omits law of the moser (cf omerta), inflammatory material against gentiles and Jesus