07 May 2006

The flickrState of the artUnion

i've been scratching my head
wondering where all the flickrblogs are

but i think i've figured out why
there really aren't any...

the natural procedure
for flickrblogging is
when you see a snap you like
you add it to your blog
with a short comment

and people who share your taste
subscribe to your blog
and scan it regularly
for new discoveries
they can add too
if they have a flickrblog

and the 'blog this' button works fine
if you're willing to set up
a (free) offsite blog

but flickr itself seems to discourage
this style of blogging
because their 'add to faves' button
doesn't allow feeds, or comments
and reduces everything to
75*75 thumbnails
which are almost worthless

or the photographers themselves
can submit photos to 'pools'
with narrowed themes
which are rss-subscribable
but hardly worth the bother, because:

the quality within a theme
varies wildly

and the requirement that
photographers submit their own
amplifies the ego factor

so i fall back on
the raw feed [rss]

which is 95% uninteresting
but easy to scan for
those 5% with

which can be followed back
to the photographer's stream

(one could almost compile statistics
on the banality of users' lives
by classifying the pix they take)

on the flickr discussion boards they argue
that submitting others' photos
to a pool
invades their privacy
which seems to me
beyond absurd

(the 'blog this' button
can always be turned off)