03 June 2006

Heraldic barcodes for flickrpix

Here's a first try at a 'heraldic-barcode-style' icon for pix on flickr-etc:

The blue-green-grey stripes in the background mean the background of the photo consists of approximately that mix of sky-vegetable-mineral. Other colors would be chosen to mean water, exterior-wall, interior-wall, furniture, etc.

The concentric inner squares represent two people in the foreground. The notches in the ne and se corners show their ages and genders-- the single square notch means the inner square represents a young boy, the double diagonal notch means the outer square represents a young woman.

Three notches mean middle-aged, four mean elderly, and babies with no notches are undistinguished for gender.

The central icon shows the main activity-relationship-- here just affection.

The coloring of the inner squares could represent their state of dress/nudity, among other things.

An outer frame could be colorised to symbolise if the pic has been photoshopped, hdr'd, lomo'd, b&w'd, or if it's all cgi, or acted out by (eg) dolls. (Dots in the outer frame might indicate rough latitude and longitude.)