28 July 2006

A generalised more-like-this button

the longterm trend
in browser evolution
has to include
of functions
across the widest possible range
of data/content/objects

so the 'subscribe' button
that looks for an rss feed

ought to be generalised as a
more-like-this button

that offers 'subscriptions'
to every possible relevant feed:

- watch for more by this author?
- watch for more on this site?
- watch for more on this topic?

- watch GoogleNews for relevant string/patterns?
- narrow GoogleNews feed to particular news sources?

and these feeds should have killfiles as well

so when your 'artificial intelligence' pattern
briefly floods you with gossip items about
'AI' star Haley Joel Osment
you can flip on a temporary filter

using a form/syntax
that works exactly the same
for all your more-like-this feeds