23 April 2007

Orthography (1st draft)

[i realised i wasn't sure
how to pronounce 'bow' (of a boat)
and then started collecting
similar difficulties

then this morning i sat down
with a rhyming dictionary
and threw this together

i'm sort of looking for a collaborator
who's good at this sort of thing
massaging it into presentable form
is probably more work than i want to bother with...]

you can row from the bow
shoot a bow in a row
sow a field for a mow
mow the field for a sow

catch a bass, play a bass
fill a vase or a vase

slough a skin in a slough
sough a sough to a clough
get chafed, get chaffed
play naughts, play draughts

go aft if they coughed
or laughed in the loft
or calfed in the trough of a drought

the cachet of your sachet
as a cache for your cash
if your crotchet is crochet
you can sashay or curvet
play croquet, eat croquettes
or ragout for a sou
rendezvous when you're through
throw debris from the quay
a bouquet from a sleigh
or an agape for Leigh

you can lead or be led
plead or be pled
read or be read
or knead bread instead

wear a boot on your foot
for the roots on your route
tout rout or toot
clout drought or knout

you might brood as you stood
by the puddle of blood
marriage for a villain
in a village with a murrain
or the college yclept Magdalene

and a hearse for Sanders Peirce
with skeins and skeins of crepe de chine
anodyne in your demesne
if you deign to gnaw the chine
impoliteness to repine

fraught by a sleight
double aughts unrequited
naughty knots unindicted

say hey, eh
heigh-ho, beau
ay-ay, guy