02 May 2007

Synching via natural language

at our current primitive level
of electronic database evolution
synching has to obsess on timestamps
so as to avoid clobbering
newer values with older

implying a discourse pattern/
data format like
(topic, olddate, oldvalue, newdate, newvalue, comments)

but in human communication
everything else is normally subsumed
into (newvalue)
with even the topic
cited as obliquely as possible

fast bright hip slangy
as opposed to
dull literal prosaic discursive

for discourse is first of all
a status display
omitting everything 'beneath' you

real human discourse
is almost entirely
trivial to the point of irrelevance

tom vs katie
britney's shaved head
sports and weather after this

because discourse is secondarily
just a social glue
like apes' grooming

with silences correspondingly awkward
ideally filled with
anything effervescent
style before content
eg even tall tales

on the Net
we can subscribe
to newsfeeds on topics we choose
from sources we choose
(someday) at levels of detail we choose

conventionally blogged in reverse order
so we don't have to keep explicit track
of the last item read
in each feed

humans also routinely
sin against truth
preferring prejudicial
'target values'
to actual values
consequently ignored