27 June 2007

A key to "Ravelstein"

"Teaching, as Ravelstein understood teaching, was tricky work. You
couldn't afford to let the facts become generally known." p.59
I picked up Bellow's "Ravelstein" ($1 at DollarTree) because I'd heard Wolfowitz is in it. Some of the other identities were a little harder to trace:

"Abe Ravelstein" is Allan Bloom
"Chick" is Saul Bellow
"Vela" is Alexandra Ionescu Tulcea Bellow [pix]
"Rosamund" is Janis Freedman-Bellow
"Radu Grielescu" is Mircea Eliade [cite]
"Rakhmiel Kogon" is Edward Shills [cite]
"Felix Davarr" is Leo Strauss
"Nikki" is Michael Z Wu [cite]
"Phil Gorman" is Paul Wolfowitz
"Prof. Glyph" is John U. Nef [cite]
"Prof. Battle" is Paul Wheatley [cite]
"Mr Flood" is Jonathan Kleinbard [cite]
"Morris Herbst" is Werner Dannhauser [cite]
"Dr Abern" is Nicholas Davidson? [cite]

unidentified: Crazy Marford, Ruby Tyson, Dr Schley, Kerrigan, Kurbanski/Les Atouts, Sam Pargiter, Trimble, Smith, Durkin, Dr Bakst

real names: Paul Nitze, Alexandre Kojeve, Gus Alex, Nae Ionescu

If nothing else it's making me (re)read Allan Bloom with new attention.

[Bloom's pupils including Wolfowitz] "imitated his manners and tried to walk and talk as he did-- freely, wildly, pungently... They could be trusted with classified information, the state secrets they naturally would not pass on to their teacher." (pp.58-59)

Quote, 'Ravelstein' to 'Chick': "Do you expect to be tapped one of these days and be told that you have now become an elder of Zion?" (p.127)