19 February 2008

Wikipedia Category: alleged anti-semites

Judaism teaches an ethical system that differs dramatically from the universal consensus (fairplay, honest dealings, equality). To criticize Jewish ethics is honorable-- the opposite of racism-- but requires infinite personal courage.

(The first draft of this list was compiled incrementally by searching on likely phrases, then gleaning more phrases)

Henry Brooks Adams "Jews controlled" [16]

Adbusters "Accusations of Anti-Semitism" "accusations of antisemitism"


Spiro Agnew "anti-Zionist statements" [2] "remarks about Jews" [5]

St. Agobard

Salvador Allende "anti-semitic views" [57] "supposed 'anti-semitism'" [1]

American Friends Service Committee "anti-Jewish bias" "virulently anti-Israel, anti-Semitic group" [cite]

Kingsley Amis

Amnesty International


Thomas Aquinas

Yasser Arafat

St. Augustine

Johann Sebastian Bach

Alice Bailey

Roseanne Barr

Jorn Barger "accusations of anti-Semitism"

Hilaire Belloc "Accusations of anti-Semitism" "charged with anti-Semitism" [2] "against Jews" [415] "philosophical anti-Semitism" "allegedly anti-Semitic" [12]

George David Birkhoff "anti-Semitic views" [57] "anti-Semitic tendencies" [8]

Marlon Brando "accused of anti-Semitism" "run by Jews" [7]

Joseph Breen

Pat Buchanan "accusations of anti-Semitism" [42] "accused of anti-Semitism"

Judith Butler

Hodding Carter

Jimmy Carter

Fidel Castro

Catherine the Great

Louis-Ferdinand Celine

Coco Chanel [eg]

Hugo Chavez "accused of anti-Semitism" "anti-Semitic themes" [12]

GK Chesterton "accusations of anti-Semitism" "tirades against Jews" "Jewish Problem" "charge of anti-Semitism" [22]

Frédéric Chopin

Wesley Clark "accusations of antisemitism"


Alexander Cockburn "accused of anti-Semitism"

Coen brothers [cite]

Juan Cole "anti-Semitic theme" [14] "anti-semitic writings" [13] "antisemitic tract" [8]

James Bryant Conant "virulent anti-semite" [6]

Constantine the Great

Rachel Corrie

Father Charles Coughlin

Ann Coulter "anti-Semitic remark" [52] "labeled anti-Semitic" "anti-Semitic comment"

R Crumb

Roald Dahl "Anti-Semitic remarks" [48]

Paul de Man "anti-Semitic writing" "anti-Semitic writings"

Walt Disney

Fyodor Dostoevsky "anti-Semitic views" "expressions of anti-Semitism" [6]

John V. DuBois [cite]

TS Eliot "charged with anti-Semitism" [2] "blames the Jews" [5]

Rahm Emanuel "auto-anti-semite"

Louis Farrakhan "wicked Jews"

Norman Finkelstein "antisemitic purposes" [4] "anti-Semitic prejudices" [9]

Bobby Fischer "Jewish conspiracy" "Jew-controlled" [17] "hatred for Jews" [6]

Hamilton Fish III "accused of anti-Semitism"

Henry Ford "anti-Jewish articles" [6]

Ben Franklin

Frederick the Great

Gottlob Frege

George Galloway "anti-Israel statements" [6]

Mel Gibson "Allegations of anti-Semitism" [] "accused of anti-Semitism" [46]

Virginia Gildersleeve

Jean-Luc Godard []

Arthur Godfrey "Allegations of Anti-Semitism" "Accusations of anti-Semitism" "No Jews" [74]

Richard Goldstone

Ulysses S Grant [cite]

Family Guy "perceived anti-Semitism" [6]

Billy Graham "Anti-Semitic charges" [4]

Graham Greene


John Hagee

Knut Hamsun

Howard Hawks "anti-semitic comments"

Joseph Haydn

Ernest Hemingway [cite]

Herge/Tintin "accusations of anti-Semitism" "instance of anti-Semitism" [2]

Patricia Highsmith "sometimes labelled antisemitic" [1]

Nicholas von Hoffman

Nick Hornby

David Icke "Allegations of anti-Semitism" "attacked as anti-Semitic" "Jewish clique" "suspicion of anti-Semitism" [2]

David Irving "controlled by Jews" [16]

Ivan the Terrible

J Street

Jesse Jackson "Remarks about Jews" [5]

Michael Jackson

Leonard Jeffries

Jewish Voice for Peace "virulently anti-Israel, anti-Semitic group" [cite]

Justinian the Great

Immanuel Kant

Jack Kerouac

Nikita Khrushchev

Rudyard Kipling

Ku Klux Klan

Naomi Klein

Dennis Kucinich

Lyndon LaRouche "Allegations of Anti-Semitism" "'coded' anti-Semitism" [2] "anti-Semitic writings" [13] "anti-Semitic jokes" [4] "Holocaust denial" "anti-Semitic tracts" [6] "controlled by Jewish" [3]

Anthony Lewis

Rush Limbaugh

Charles Lindbergh "labeled 'anti-Semitic'" "anti-Semitic beliefs"

Ken Livingstone "accused of anti-Semitism"

HP Lovecraft "hostile towards Jews" [3] "anti-Semitic remarks"

Martin Luther "anti-Jewish works" [4]

Kevin B MacDonald "portrayal of Jews"

Maria Theresa "expelled the Jews" [40]

Christopher Marlowe "accusations of anti-Semitism"

Karl Marx "Alleged antisemitism" "anti-Semitic stereotypes" "anti-Jewish feelings"

Joseph Massad

Glenn McCoy [cite]

Mary McGrory

Cynthia McKinney "Allegations of anti-semitism" "anti-Semitic statements" [41] "anti-Semitic beliefs" [8] "anti-Semitic campaign" [40]

HL Mencken "Alleged Antisemitism" [10] "anti-semitic statements" "indisputably anti-semitic"

Michael Moore

Oswald Mosley

Brian Mulroney "anti-Semitic views"

John Forbes Nash "anti-Semitic remarks"

Nicholas II

Friedrich Nietzsche

Richard Nixon "run by Jews" [7]

Barack Obama

George Orwell

Sarah Palin [cite]

Ron Paul

Fred Phelps

Ezra Pound "anti-Semitic statements" [41]

Tariq Ramadan

Judith Regan "anti-Semitic comments" [28]

Scott Ritter

Pat Robertson "anti-semitic beliefs" "Jewish conspiracy" "anti-Semitic works" [6]

Mary Robinson

John Sack

J.D. Salinger []

Jose Saramago

Dorothy L Sayers "anti-semitic views" "consciously anti-Semitic"

Peter Schumann "Accusations of anti-semitism" "Holocaust denying"

Frederick Seidel

Israel Shahak "Accusations of antisemitism" [10] "accused of antisemitism" [9] "leading anti-Semites" [1] "Jewish antisemite" [1] "abetting anti-Semitism" [2] "accused of anti-Semitism"

William Shakespeare

Israel Shamir "Anti-Semitic stereotypes" [23] "radical anti-Semitism" [5] "promoting anti-semitism" [2] "pushing anti-Semitism"

Cindy Sheehan

John Simon [cite]

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn "anti-Semitic views"

Susan Sontag [cite]

Peter Stuyvesant [cite]

Andrew Sullivan


Matt Taibbi

Mikis Theodorakis "anti-Semitic comments" "alleged 'anti-Semite'" "controlled by Jewish" [3]



Hal Turner

Desmond Tutu "anti-Semitic statements" "labeled anti-Semitic" [6]

Gore Vidal


Thomas E Watson "anti-Semitic comments"

Evelyn Waugh

Otto Weininger

Philip Weiss

H.G. Wells

Virginia Woolf "criticized by some as an anti-Semite"

William Butler Yeats

Vladimir Zhirinovsky "accused of anti-Semitism"

Slavoj Zizek