16 May 2008

Movie semantics (Zoolander)


i'm preparing to do some experiments
in google's new app engine

the 1st very simple: the 'portaliser'
(portaliZer was taken)
will massage a set of favorite links
into a simple page-layout

but the 2nd is much more ambitious
trying to add time-sequencing
to IMDb movie keywords/tags

eg 'Zoolander'

IMDb: main, summary

keywords/tags: Secret Agent, 2000s, Catch Phrase, Multiple Cameos, Spy, Spy Spoof, Frat Pack, Car Chase, Assassination, Brainwashing, Cameo Appearance, Conspiracy, Fame, Fashion Model, Fashion Show, Fashion, Orgy, Stupidity, Exploding Gas Station, Exploitation, Obesity, Sequel, Vanity, Saturday Night Live, Dwarf, Dwarves, Based On Sketch Comedy, Child Labor, Blackface, Bulimia, Catwalk, Erection, Femme Fatale, Malaysia, Masseuse, Reporter, Time Magazine, Directed By Star, Break Dance, Male Model, Character Name In Title

IMDb ontology experiment: [2005] (Modalities, Dramatic themes, Family themes, Sports, Animals, Music and comedy, Historical period, Crime-related, War-related, Horror and scifi, Sex, Animation)