08 March 2006

Illuminati on the Tree of Life

the blue stars
of facts denied
often trace unbroken
lifelong lines

for our culture
in the realm of sexual curiosity
the original sin of Eve & Adam

with a mysterious historical shift
introducing this inauthenticity
some time since the bonobos

and with each newborn human
trained anew
to restrain their sexuality

Freud's unconscious
or Jung's shadow (see esp Bly)

while the rare battles of artists
to free themselves
normally end in poverty
and persecution

with persecution-events
escalating in intensity
exactly as efforts to become free

persecutions uncaused
or self-caused

or indeed perhaps
caused by a
conspiracy of initiates
who have wilfully
desecrated those taboos
to win
occult power
over men

(Joyce on Gogarty: "he seems
to have little hesitation
in condemning generations
to servitude")