17 September 2006

Representing stories in Web2.0

something more-or-less interesting

maybe it happens to you
maybe you make it happen
maybe you just witness it

maybe a video camera captures
all or part

so you can post it to YouTube
with a title
and a bit of introduction

possibly when and where
possibly who

some tags that capture
what makes it interesting

if it's not self-explanatory
you may embed it in your blog

if you got audio but not video
you may add photos of the actors

graph their paths in space

if you got photos but
no audio
you may transcribe the dialog

if no photos
you may sketch them
graphically or verbally

maybe as a cartoon
with speech balloons

or as machinima
or posed action figures

or re-enacted by friends
by professionals
by the original players

or you can write a song about it
or weave a novel around it

or you can just retell it in words

typed out
or podcast
or vlogged

tagged maybe
with the actors' names
the props involved
the emotions
the themes and motifs

and before long
one hopes

a scriptable Sims
will let you choose from menus

and the included
will offer a
default machinima rendering

which you can tweak

but we need to build
that storybase

and it's orders of magnitude
than Sims/Sims2

Sims99, maybe

so to address
that mess

i've proposed this
Tree-of-Life visualisation

as one more
new discipline
for retelling stories

abstracting them down
to branching colored lines

lifelines plus antimath