02 September 2006

Evolving tastes on the Yahoo zodiac

we have the million commonest words
orbiting Moonwise
in yahoobetical order

for a given webpage
the words that don't occur
stay at Moonslength

while the more frequent words
are promoted to inner orbits

phrases rarely occur
more than once per page

sentences and paragraphs
almost never
(rarely more than once
per Web)

a page's wordchoices
may or may not
localise its zodiac topic

but if we re-map all the words
on a given topic
by frequency

visible clustering will emerge

and topics
can be associated with websites

and individuals
can light up favorite topics green
unfavorites red

going thru
more and less experimental
when new topics are trialled

and sometimes flipflopping
green for red for green

when an old fave breeds contempt
or a lifechange makes
the unwelcome welcome

with the birth of the first child

or after a near-death wakeup call)