05 February 2007

01-13 February 2007 links

I like the way that sentence walks, / foot-testing the rocks for a solid way across (Poems.com)
The afterbirth / is sloshing in a pail (Poems.com)
Baghdad Birding (Poems.com-long)
O the sky shall crack with laughter / now that snow is falling (Poems.com-longish)
You are not the one / dying, you said to me (vDaily-longish)
The past tense of ash / was oak (vDaily)
Black licorice confesses (nDee-jpg)
Maybonne loves 'Little Women' (gif) [also, Marlys]
Yahoo Pipes McBoingBoing (tHow-friv)
Confused carnivore (Sinfest-friv)
WaPo and NyT repeat Iraq tragedy as Iran farce (E&P via dy)
Who's pulled yTube videos (tHow-list)
Backstory on $200m poetry bequest (NYer-long)
2001 web-bubble documentary, 'Startup.com' (GgV-102min via iG) [IMDb]
Artworld hyperinflation (UkG via dT)
'boy safari' = hunting new male models (dTongue)
That's How Easy Love Can Be (oDinny)
USA has world's 37th-best healthcare system (eAard-list)
'pain point' = where you finally take action (dTongue)
'garaging' = teens partying in unlocked garages (dTongue)
Rich data-types (Dabble via iGreed)
Funny comics snark (cCrmdg)
Skeletons hugging for 5000 years (Reuters w/pix via eAard)
RSS pipes (Yhoo via Waxy)
Popcorn expertise (AP via dTongue)
Onion does Vista (Onion-graphic)
Wii rave (sbj via del)
Van Gogh vs Gauguin (NYer-Schjeldahl)
Jews vs the Lobby (mWeiss)
Large-lcd prices plummeting (iGreed)
Smart obit for Vista/MS (long via iGreed)
CorettaScott's Secret (oDoffice)
$500 bong-2.0 (Gz w/pix via iJunk)
'clobber text' = Old Testament judgmentalism (dTongue)
Nice combinatoric cartoon (Death on desert island) (new NYer)
Conspiracy 2.0 (Xym)
Web2.0 sites for bookworms (list w/links via Fim)
Amusing security hole via Vista speech recognition (iGreed-short)
Massaging raw Wikipedia data into semantic db (dbpedia via mshook)
Simple password-generation proposal (BramC-short)