03 February 2007

Bullsh!t on the Worldtree

let's call 'cunning injustice'
any occasion where (eg)
a shyster lawyer
wins an ignoble victory

and let's classify the flavors
of cunning injustices
and map onto them a spectrum of colors

and then color all branches on the worldtree
wherever they're suffering
those flavors of injustice

and mark with a star
those rare noble victories
when a cunning injustice
is corrected
by right argument

and let's calculate
the projected collective social value
of a new dispensation
of right argument

and let's weigh the possibility
of such a dispensation
necessarily following from the articulation
of a truly scientific understanding
of human psychology

while the shysters scramble
to fill that void with cant

and let's ponder the paradox in capitalism
that research is only funded
proportionally to its near-term
profit potential

so how does that search begin?

how much would you gamble
on a longshot?