31 July 2007

Esprit du sepulcre

"I suppose it's a good thing that most of the world has no idea about what fun hippies had. Otherwise, nothing would work." --Thomas McGuane Nothing but Blue Skies

in an awful way
theresa's suicide
was her generous last gift
to us her friends

we knew her

no one knows why

departing with a bang at 40
like marilyn (at 36)

she'd entered my life c1999
like norma jean in pigtails
in a webzine author photo
(wasn't it feedmag.com?)

an article i didn't link because
i imagined her beauty/brains combo
as rankly unfair
as if
she had all her dreams free
for the asking

but i missed that photo
after 'feed' popped off

so imagine my satisfaction in 2005
to find her blogging
in the closest esthetic tune

kate moss our shared iconess
lynch and pynchon our beacons
the sixties our promised land

she was ever pining
for the summer of love
never traded up that value system
of excess

"I'm kidding about the whiskey,
but I do drink it" she confided
when i fretted her
about her boozing-boasting
"People don't like female debauchery
or female egotism
and I deliberately magnify
both of these small-ish aspects
of my character
knowing I will annoy and alienate.

"I have never been particularly well-liked
by any social group of more than four people
in my life, including my family.
Though I have made up for this
by being intensely loved
by every man I have ever dated
(and reciprocating.)"

(her fave, i'm sure
of many links i slipped her
was KateM and LiLo
sharing a pole dance)

she pre-approved a possible web-tribute
based around her blog-name:

jb: "this article got me thinking
about asynchronous multiplayer games
for mobile phones

"suppose the game's goal
was to think of the wittiest phrase
for a given situation
with your playgroup voting blind on the entries
...wit-of-the-staircase games?" TD: "I love it"

or also this monthly-tribute possibility:

jb: "i've been watching fonda's 1967 'trip'
(for the first time)
and hoping you keep fleshing out the lunar society
because people need that fantasy"

TD: "Yes, this kind of bohemian/intellectual
vaguely sensual community
is the reason, I find,
that most people got into art.
Sadly there is nothing at all
in the contemporary art/film world
that supplies the kind of feeling,
though the longing is certainly still there."

of the sustainable party neverending
ever renewable fully imagined

so we'd honor her memory
if we imagine found find
our own local branches

eg minutes:

when: midnight +/-2 30-31 July 2007
where: the LegrandeMall Harmsway
in Karbomala, Middlewest
who: Peewee Benigno, Dustin Wind, Rollo Nuevo,
Blurtus and dTox Unitard, Anus Horribilis,
and Dr Hitler
themesong: "Just Lead the Christian Right On
(dance mix)" by the Frisky Coeds
proceedings: it goes without saying
a good time was had by all