01 September 2005

Bush 2005

[This is about the forthcoming Kate Bush double album]

Some thoughts on the titles "Aerial" and "King of the Mountain"

KotM is surely GWB, and the song should be angry, like 1993's Big Stripey Lie (arguably referring to the American flag). From this political angle, 'aerials' are the spy antennae that KotMs are so fond of, trying to get higher than their enemies so that their aerials can hear without being heard. (This is what did Nixon in at the Watergate.)

But the heart of Aerial is Kate's 6yo son Bertie, and I picture him as a faerie Ariel, doing graceful acrobatics on a tightwire, with the birdseye view of a plane or satellite, and with his own antennae tuned to Kate's and to everyone's in the universe.