24 September 2005

del.icio.us vs Google Groups

After dwelling with del.icio.us a little more
I realize that it's a compact competitor to Google Groups
where the bodies of posts are replaced with pointers
leaving a subjectline and a single URL

and the newsgroups are replaced with tagwords
crossposting encouraged
newgrouping accomplished automatically just by mentioning the tag

with no netiquette-presumption that you should
read the 'group' before you post
(or even after)

with approval of a post signalled by dupe-ing it
with or without changing the subjectline
enabling a 'most-popular' view for any tagword

del.icio.us and GgG both sharing a view-by-author
that effectively automatically crossposts each author's posts
into a custom group named for them

but del.icio.us lacking the option of correlating two or more URLs
under a single subjectline
(as when, on my blog, I add a 2nd link for 'pix' or 'def' or 'info')

P.S. So in posting the url of this article to del.icio.us just now
I rewrote the headline to attract total strangers
and I listed as many tags as I could
(recognizing that even if I add more tags later
it may slip past subscribers to those tags
because their main sort is chronological by the time I posted it
not the time I re-tagged it)