10 September 2005

Crystal tags via graph theory

graph theory sounds complex but it's not
it's a lot simpler than geometry

mentally picture the world becoming totally transparent
with each person replaced by a vertical beam of light

unwrap and flatten the globe
so these beams are parallel

project a plane around heart-level

picture the line below the plane as holding the person's memories
(each memory a point)

picture the line above holding their values
each value a point
with important values closer to heartlevel

for a given value or set of values
some memories are more relevant than others
(picture the points on the memories-line
re-sorting themselves according to the chosen values
with the most relevant shifting closer to the heart)

when you meet someone new
you compare values
hoping you have important values in common
and then exchange memories relevant to those shared values

some memories you share openly
others you hold back, until you're more sure of the stranger

Transformation, world to web:

replace the people with web-servers
replace the values with 'tags'
replace the memories with data/files/pointers

the crystal-tags protocol should streamline the exchange of memories
as people explore shared values

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