13 January 2006

I'm a musical idiot about... Panic! at the Disco

(i didn't actually miss last month)

i wanted to post an image here from PostSecret
but they already took it down

the postcard was a picture of an iPod
and handwritten
"i think my taste in music
is better than everyone else's"

because every creative genius
needs to nurture that faith
to create something so good
it fills a gap that's stood empty
since forever

but it may be unhealthy
to think your taste in
music art literature movies politics philosophy
is all the best

so (eg) i have no idea how
my peculiar music tastes
fit into the worldscheme

when i started the jukebox
for blogging mp3s
i made sure to declare
loud and clear
my unhip un-cred

and worse
mr bojangles
(a little poetic masterpiece
in my peculiar opinion)

but as i tapped into the online
of indie music
i started to feel a bit more confident

although i'm still baffled by, eg
the best-of-2005 consensus
which leaves me entirely cold
(most often it's the male vocalist
who drives me away
bleating egos
faking an attitude)

the first time i heard
build god, then we'll talk (mp3)
by panic! at the disco (rw3)

i pictured a worldlywise
bayarea theater troupe
with unanimous critical respect

so it gave me pause to discover
they were catholic prepschool boys
from las vegas
trying to imitate queen
though their album has sold 20k
the critics are very ambivalent

and i got cold feet
why no one else heard what i heard

who cares if they're imitating queen
since they do it so well

and if they're just 19
more power to them!