14 January 2006

The Tree of Life in poetic logic

we saw how
reusable code fragments
are built from abstract data types
boolean integer real literal string

and how human stories

pride <= pride - 99%

AB + C => AC + B

are assigned to these code fragments
as interpretations

in part
by mapping realworld
units of measure
onto datatypes

units-of-pride maybe an integer
relationship-status maybe a boolean

but when we map, eg
violet lust
onto our Tree of Life

we're assigning either a boolean
(violet on, violet off)
or a magnitude
(light violet, medium violet, dark violet)
to a point in 4D spacetime
(T, X, Y, Z)
flattened for visualisation
to TXY

and flattenable again to TX
or just T
when the spatial position is irrelevant

a timeline with a color
representing whatever
maybe quality-of-life
or its derivative
with green for improving times
red for worsening times
yellow for neutral
[recent Sam]