20 January 2006

Iraq for grownups

coming this spring
from miramax

a middle eastern holyman
with millions of followers
has cast an astrological chart
and determined that their
prophesied worldteacher

is you

they send a delegation
who assure you you can remain
wholly yourself
but beg you to come and advise them
how to live

a safe and comfortable residence awaits

but priority #1 is your stand on iraq

if you can propose a realistic compromise
your new followers will try to make it so

so first
cool down the powderkeg

recognise that the neocons
gain power
from turning others' homelands
into chaotic hells

enflaming long-smothered embers

and recognise the prize

Islam's oil

might the Sunnis be appeased with
a just proportion of the oilfields?

could 51% go to Iraqis-as-one-people
and 49% be split among Kurds-Sunnis-Shias?

are there factions within each group
who advocate mutual tolerance

and could such factions be empowered?

could insurgent leaders offer specific terms
to the USA

eg, no IEDs if offensive raids stop?

are GIs unhappy enough
to go on strike
if encouraged?

as they see no progress