13 April 2006

Compassion on the Tree of Life

for every possible story
on a person's radial ontology

consider the cost of
making that story come true
as well as the cost of
not making it come true

and the higher each cost
the brighter that story shines

but also
costs that can be deferred
we'll light in blue
while undeferrable costs
will be red

so when bright red
costs of INaction
outshine bright red
costs of action
it's time to get movin'

but when costs of inaction
are just bright blue
the red costs of action
may keep you down

when we get to know another

we begin to learn these colors
on their ontology

perhaps we can even suggest
actions they haven't thought thru

but we have to care

to empathize with their costs

and the socialist theory of government
is that where government
can efficiently reduce
the majority's costs
it should attempt that