16 April 2006

Webjay, flickr, and the zipless blog

mining flickr
for good pix
is an awful lot like
mining webjay
for good tunes

above each flickr pic are
icons for 'fave' and 'blog'

and 'fave' is quicker
but the only available view
of a person's faves
is 36 tiny thumbnails per page

no rss
no fullpage with 'next' button

(there's the flash slideshow option
where you can pause and mark faves
but it's clumsy for this)

so i opted to start a new blog
and use the 'blog' icon
which demands
an extra step at the start
to choose your blog from a menu
and at the end
to go back to the picpage

and you're stuck with squinting
at the tiny thumbs
and opening each one
that shows promise

and because flickr's pages
are loaded with formatting
they're slow to display

all of which is a drag
on 'zipless blogging'

but even with squinting
the 'faves' pages are useful
in exactly the way
Webjay playlists are useful

you find someone whose
tastes look similar
as a startingpoint for exploration

(you can even pick a pic
or tune you like
and see who else 'favorited' it)

with Webjay playlists
you can send the whole list
to iTunes or Winamp
and check the ones you like
skip the ones you don't

and when Webjay fixes the bugs
that garbage your playlist
you'll be easily able to
aggregate your faves

and while giving each tune
a fair shake
is a lot slower than
scanning a page of thumbs

it would be quite comparable
to browsing with a 'next' button
if flickr offered that view
for others' faves