11 April 2006


i subscribe, by rss
to a handful of
del.icio.us tags
like 'googlebase'

that very occasionally
deliver something useful
but mostly just
repeat and repeat
as multiple posters
rediscover the same

and similarly, i consider
how memes recur in waves
passed around
passed around again

so imagine
what you'd have to add
to delicious
or to technorati, etc
to track this

a database
not just of urls, but of
identical, or just comparable
that may appear under
many different urls

that may trace an evolving story

that will have a meta-history
of who linked when

and will have tags
that may evolve, themselves
as the meme's appeal evolves

(eg new parody reviving interest
in old original inspiration)

so you can do a background check
on a meme that's new to you
and easily see where it's been
and how to frame it best...