30 August 2006

The Yahoo zodiac on the Tree of Life

color in green
on the yahoo zodiac
all discussions
of activities you enjoy

and color red
those you don't enjoy

shrink the zodiac down
to fit inside the 'head'
of any/every human branch
on the tree of life

and where that branch
is doing activities it enjoys
light that zodiac-point green
(a green stripe for the duration)

but if there's a mix
of enjoyable and not
show this as a mix of
green and red stripes

consider babies' mix of stripes
and how the reds begin

they don't know how to fix
except by wailing

but as they're 'socialised'
other branches exert
more-or-less subtle pressures
to betray their own instincts
and admix artificial reds
with natural greens

until as adult
reds become their 'normal' color

until as post-adult
they recover their green