12 January 2007

02-18 January 2007 links

Little boy in stroller: I'm bringing sexy back!
Ze Frank sells out? (NyObs-3pg via Fim)
'burqini' = burqa + bikini (Oz w/pic via dTongue)
World GDP... per square kilometer (map via iSteve)
Parenting tip (dYeti-friv)
America's most popular charts (Onion-arcane)
Hilarious subtitled French 'Penguins' promo (yTube-1min via eAard)
Pix of 200-calories-worth of many foods (1pg-phat via infsthtcs)
MemeWatch: Cyber-chivalry (GgW-27hits)
Rape fad in sAfrica (BBC via dTongue)
'nodder' = yes-man (dTongue)
Americans r dum (yTube-9min via rCellar)
Silly winter comic (Sinfest)
More neocons rewriting pre-Iraq history (AmCon via gRm)
Beaufort-to-the-eighth = k$$$ (iGreed-vvshort)
Ed McBain doesn't know from padded dialog (oDoffice)
Google may pony up $100k/month for live stockquotes (iGreed)
RollercoasterTycoon massacre (yTube-2min-friv via iJunk)
Running-from-camera selfportraits (blog w/pix via iJunk)
350 hits for "*pedia" (Onelook)
Gentle NYer cover (pigeon pov) (cBank)
Roomba - vacuum = $229 robot (rGossip w/pic)
Bratz vignette (oDinny)
Creepy re-posings of childhood pix (2pg via infsthtcs)
Overdesigned 'periodic table' of visualisation methods (ajax via infsthtcs)
MLA in old english (gChaucer-arcane)
'hosing the doris' = paparazzi on full-auto (dTongue)
iPhone for real (Apple via Waxy)
300 books that use HumptyDumpty meanings-quote (GgBks-clichewatch)
Creepy anime'd Simpsons cast (pic via Waxy) [cf]
How Jewish publishers of WaPo and NyT caved to Zionists (mWeiss)
Corporados pillaging Iraqi oil (UkInd via eAard)
Cokie Roberts must die (dBaker)
Dodgy "Mason and Dixon" etext (GgCache w/links)
Surgeons' nicknames for unwanted fat (SC-list via dTongue)
Game theory briefly debunked (Forbes via dy)
Andromeda vs Moon apparent size (Barista w/pic, link)
Testing GgPages for Pynchon-annotations searchengine (1st draft)
Two updates from Riverbend (bBurning)
Cheapest cost-of-living countries (iSteve-list)
"Where's Waldo?" a controversial book (oDinny)