30 January 2007

19-31 January 2007 links

Shell Oil ignores Iran boycott (UkG via Xym)
Melovescookies's new flickrname (flickr)
W's health plan subtly undermines Social Security (dBaker)
Preview of Sarah Silverman Program (Comedy Central) (NYer)
Backgrounder on GgBooks (NYer-longish)
Epidemic-du-jour atop GgMaps? (iGreed-short-no-link)
Ajax recreation of Englebart's hypertext system (blog via mshook)
$20 R Crumb blues book w/cd (aHeritage via Steve)
Bill Gates granted exclusive Smithsonian image rights (AP via Sam)
you can never be too rich or too greedy or too amoral
MemeWatch: 'repressed homosexual' (GgBooks-arcane)
El Niño disease-hotspots for 2007 (iGreed-map w/link)
Java is dead again/still (blog via Gm)
New NYRB (toc)
Hate global warming? Wait three months (oDoffice)
'highchair tyrant' = eg W (dTongue)
Lenat talks Cyc at Google (GgV-75min via mshook)
Eno attempting demo-scene-style* music for Will Wright (cDig via Fim) [*def]
Prairie Home Abomination (Fim-short w/links)
Under-utilised meme: cracksucker (uDict-0hits)
Computer-aided cake-decorator prints error message in frosting (blog w/pic-link via Waxy)
New Archie Graphic Novel Explores Rich Inner Life Of Jughead (Onion-no-pix)
Cheating on job is negotiable (oDoffice)
Social security 'reform' is grand theft safetynet (dBaker)
Socialism works great... among the rich (iSteve-short)