17 January 2007

Creativity on the worldtree

one of the most valuable
biographical mad-libs is

but for some reason
biographical detail is scant on
each creative work
was created

in the near future
word processors
music software
video software
will retain a
creative timeline
of each work's composition

and we can
(imaginatively) map
such timelines onto a worldtree

but efficiently colorising these maps
requires first
interesting from uninteresting
compositional steps

and also a classification of ways
any step can be
interesting or uninteresting

red for redhot inspiration
purple for deeply-felt emotion
grey for writers' block
puce for faking it

and these all point
outside the software
to biographical gossip

relationship problems
money problems
ego problems
sociopolitical problems

brain chemistry
(spontaneous or altered)

sometimes unambiguously
(more often ambigously)
linked to creative details

(i'm switching from 'tree of life'
to 'worldtree'
because the former includes linnaean species-trees
and kabbalist hocum
while the latter suggests a foundational worldmap)