03 August 2007

The Necessary (Google) Web2.0 Consolidation

necessary web 1.0
was about content
and wikipedia has mostly solved
that problem

necessary web 2.0
will be about generalising
interface insights
so that all web2.0 apps share
all the predictable functionality

something google
could bootstrap into beta
within a year, i'd bet

starting from google pagecreator (GgPC)
for creating all manner of webpage
which offers authors
a private view of all their hosted pages
as a list or icon-grid
sorted by name or date

which ought to be available as well
as a public view
(effectively a changelog-blog)

and GgPC could/should also
automatically archive earlier versions
of each page, allowing authors
to reonstruct their state
on any given day

and if each created page
includes a short summary/description
and/or an illustrative pullquote
and/or a 'pull-image'
and/or a summary of recent changes

then that public blog-view
could also include
some or all of these

and the author herself
could customise a 'recommended' blog-view
of site updates
suppressing minor changes
promoting major ones
and even quoting short pages in full

which already cannibalises
most of the functionality
of blogger.com
(which should, itself
open to the public
the author's private, sortable
list-view of post titles)

but we can also add to each page
a set of topic designations or tags
which google could treat
as postings to GgGroups topic areas
(tag = topic = group)

and pages that refer/respond
to other pages
can include the URLs of those 'parent' pages
as topic/tag/groups, as well

so google can trace discussion threads
without the original authors even needing
to turn commenting on

and if this can be streamlined enough
google could let websurfers
rate every page they visit
(openly, or anonymously)
and aggregate these ratings as well

offering now a link-blog view
of all a surfer's ratings
(eg above a threshold level)

to support all this
the GgGroups interface needs to streamline
back to an ajax re-implementation
of the pre-WWW goldenage newsreader 'trn'

where you'd subscribe to

with killfile filters
to minimise annoying noise

and encouraging blogging-community experiments
like slashdot/digg/linkfilter/memepool