29 August 2007

Rainbow intimacy on the Worldtree

first color the whole
(not just the tree)
so that public regions of spacetime
(visible to six or more people)
are blue
down to violet where
they're only visible to one

at night in the dark
by this definition
most space is private

now color
each branch's activities
violet for the most private/intimate
blue for the most public

violet activities will of course
take place usually
in violet spaces

with catastrophic exceptions
like the starr report
or peewee herman's arrest

we can also choose a single branch
as 'focus'
and color other branches
according to the degree of access
they've granted the focus-branch

mostly only public/blue
with exceptions mostly
clustered nearby

most people will enjoy some community
that shares a (semi)private space
for (semi)private group activities

and newcomers to an area
will only slowly
be admitted to these