08 October 2007

A 'pagetype' microformat (w/optional heraldic barcodes)


parallel processing : arts
serial processing : sciences

science blindly following
a narrow incremental logical/verbal path

while art makes grand intuitive leaps
on the basis of
rich broad spatial imaginings

even the poet's words
individually reset
into the space of sounds

the novelist's
into the space of everyday life


for the semantic web to work
someone (or some group)
has to come up with a
finite controlled vocabulary that captures
a significant portion of the
important meanings
on the web

and their intent
for microformats
is to break that task down
into manageable subtasks
by attacking
one domain of meaning
at a time

but they're having to confront
the paradox that every domain
is unruly
with a shifting core
of most-important themes
and an infinitely attenuating halo
of subordinate variations

that quickly nudge microformats
towards 'macro' territory

for which pathology i'll propose
an antidote in the form
of heraldic barcodes
that graphically/visually
summarise a domain

using three principal layers:
- a narrow frame of varying thickness and color
- a background pattern
- a foreground icon

and for my
i'll choose (ambitiously)


with heraldicbarcode backgroundpatterns
that symbolically schematise
the distribution of info on the page

simple text as a block of grey
(embedded media colored by filetype)

a heterogeneous list
as a stack of colored bars
(narrow topical range =
narrow spectrum of colors)

uniform list-granularity =
uniform bar-size

ordering principles for lists
(alphabetical newest-1st best-1st
rhetorical didactic ontological)
indicated somehow

one edgerow of icon pixels
could be a logarithmic timeline/changelog
1st pixel = 1992-2000 (8yrs)
(black until the page's creation)
2nd = 2000-2004, 3rd = 2004-2005, 4th 2006
5th 6mos 6th 3mos 7th 45days 8th 20days
9th 10 10th 5 11th 2 12th 1

major/minor content changes
(or even changes of url)
differentiated by color

other edgerows possibly capturing
pageweight, % cruft
topical breadth, completeness, necessity

and finally a foreground icon
shaped to represent the primary
(range of) topic(s):
tech news, celeb gossip, etc
(with colorfill representing... what?)


and if some of this
proves less valuable
than other missing dimensions

one should
in the belly
and tweaks should almost suggest themselves


% cruft
topical scope
% original text
% copied/quoted text
% new images/audio/video/code
% copied ditto
# custom links
# link sources