25 October 2007

Toward a unified model of information

[thoughtmesh edition w/extra links]

my whole life since
maybe 1969
i've been struggling to write
a single book

with an evershifting shape but always
a psychology text
that at least sketches an outline
of human motivation
viewed thru a literary lens

like 'the sims XVI'
in textbook form

like solace perhaps
a composition of extracts
of nuances

like brainfeathers or finnegans wake
everyman's everyhistory

like laws of form or antimath
built up elegantly
from a single bit

like a pattern language for literary patterns

like polti or roget
a classification of plots
of story skeletons

like knuth a catalog
of data structures and algorithms

like cyc
a knowledgebase of common sense

like adler's syntopicon
an inventory of philosophies
wisdom marked up for robots
like the semantic web

a hierarchy of metadata
most urgent first

a constitution
for some possible utopia

and now centered on
colored lines in spacetime

x normally longitude-space
y simply ordinary time

with one line per
true human lifestory

and now with a suggested
simple first coloring

white for happy familymembers
all alike

blue for sad
red for bad

yellow for sickly
or better
for enslaved?