18 March 2008

Shortshort story semantics

what can xml do with
For sale: baby shoes, never worn?

start with a short-story microformat
on top of a want-ad microformat

the 'characters' in the story
being the parents who placed the ad
and the lost baby
(and the newspaper that took the ad
and the readers the parents hope to reach)

the want-ad microformat
entirely ignoring the critical facts
(the baby
and how it was lost)

mode: selling
topic: thing-clothes-shoes
size: baby
condition: 9
price: unknown

we'd like the story microformat
to include a field for 'theme'
but the only
possible approach
is something like my solace

eg: solace/losing#baby

so we need experts in
art philosophy religion
politics economics history
fiction poetry humor
psychology philology anthropology sociobiology
criticism design logic math

to compile comparable storycycles
on all their areas of expertise...