14 March 2008

Wisest of the wise

[this is the first
and hopefully the
articulate and
of a projected series]

any semantic web first needs
a mental model of all possible semantic webs
(and this mental model must include
a mental model of all possible
mental models)


mentally model each 'object'
(including mental objects)
as a named point
of known or unknown duration
(some objects
more important than others
from the perspective of any given mind)

with lines between points
modeling relationships between objects

relationships changing in time

relationships mentally modeled
by related mental objects

relations affecting
and affected by
(more or less strongly)
related relationships with other objects

(all mental models of relationships
necessarily related to the mental models
of all related objects
and of their relationships)

and mental models differ in depth
in wisdom
some shallow some deep

deep or shallow
in many different ways

different wisdoms
characteristic of the deep or shallow
people who hold them

but mental models of semantic webs
and mental models of mental models
must be deep by every definition

constructed atop a distillation
of all wisdoms
(art philosophy religion
politics economics history
fiction poetry humor
psychology philology anthropology sociobiology
criticism design logic math)
only by the wisest of the wise