27 December 2005

Lust on the Tree of Life

the Tree-of-Life paradigm
gains most of its power
from the visualiser's capacity
to 'dream' new details

an example:

you can pick any word/concept
(we'll choose 'lust')
and assign it a color
(violet, duh!)
and begin to 'dream' details
of how that color should be
across the Tree

in the long view:

how early did it get its start?

how quickly did it spread across the globe?

were there eras
when it was denser or less dense?

in the close view:

when does it start
on the individual's lifebranch?

what rhythms can it manifest
(daily, yearly)?

how different are the rhythms
of different individuals?

what patterns-in-space do branches trace
under its influence?

each of these questions can best be addressed
by trying to visualise the patterns of color
on the Tree)

we'll call 'lust'
any point where normal neural activity
is deformed by a temporary sex-goal

so it's as old as neurons

and it can be triggered by
detection of a potential partner

or even by mating-seasonal
'spring in the air'

many species
synchronise their lust
to the seasons
or the time of day

or solitaries may stumble on a mate
without warning
lust suddenly exploding

and are there any other species like humans
where lonely guys wander
in a perpetual miasma of frustrated lust?

or where couples pair for life
and lust withers?
(tell that to Mrs Coolidge)