07 December 2005

Music-perception on the Tree of Life

we postulate, without proof
a color-symbolism for music
along any branch on the Tree of Life

so that creating a new song
means creating a colored branch segment
n minutes long

that listeners can then re-experience
in parallel with their own colormoods

and i'll propose that any song's
to a combined
at any point

which stress-level
is the first aspect we judge

with individuals varying widely
in their preferred stress-level

hormonal teens seeking stress

burntout boomers avoiding it

stress levels transmitted via
beats per minute
(fast or slow)

timbres of instruments and voices
(smooth or rough)

volume (loud or soft)

(so that even if the listener is
the stress-level will impinge
and modulate their mood)

and that next
beneath this overall stress-level

is a mood

which can be any human mood imaginable

but a listener may reject
whole ranges of moods

which implies an immaturity
or vulnerability

the song's
of the chosen mood

can be more
or less successful

more or less original/cliched

more or less
technically accomplished

and further
in this age of sampling

the song can be more or less

(if they repeat that measure
one more time
i'm bailing!)