31 December 2005

Thinking about GoogleBase

an informal community is
(or should be)

around the shared challenges of the semantic web

and it will behoove us
to consciously, publicly experiment
with the most interesting web2.0
apps and api's (or playgrounds)

del.icio.us for tagging
wikipedia and wikis for collaboration
ning for the new shared vocabulary of
social apps

and googlebase for structuring data

for ggb dares us
to enforce some chosen semantics on
our publishing

so we should explore how we might fit
every other web resource into ggb:

wikipedia articles (everyone their own wikipedia?)
imdb entries
blogs w/comments
google-groups threads
webjay playlists

(i'm assuming that google is thinking
since they already cache the whole web
why not privilege a structured subset
by hosting it outright?)