20 August 2006

Self-knowledge via Web2.0

"Computers could be a tremendous way for us to look at ourselves in a very spiritual way... could teach us more about ourselves than we've been able to look at, so far." --Kate Bush
anything you publish
on the internet

gives you the new opportunity
of standing back, and asking

how will others see this?
what does it show them about me?

whether it's your favorite bookmarks
your favorite mp3s
your favorite pictures
your favorite books

your political views
your personal life
your autobiography

what patterns do i favor
that i never realised?
which do i avoid?
how do i compare to others?
what can i learn from
their ways of sharing?
how do they react to mine?

are there patterns that embarrass me
in their naivete

what am i uneasy about sharing?
what happens if i share a tiny test bit?
(does it help me grow?)

what research/exercises
can i do to feel less uneasy?

how do my tastes vary
mood to mood
month to month?

shall i share different facets
on different pages
different sites?
under different names?

can i summarise all facets
on a single informative page?

can everyone
however different
re-use the format of that page?