26 August 2006

Yahoo-betical order

my intuition is content
that our elastic wordsphere
is more-or-less unique
(barring, say,
mirror reflections,
and crossing fingers that
it would
3D space
rather than aligning
down in 1- or 2-D)

and we can flatten it
along any chosen axis
so we choose whichever
offers the best separation
of the 14 Yahoo root-categories

and end up with a
canonical 'Yahoo zodiac'

as well as a very-fine-tuned
Yahoo-betical order
for all million words
based on their zero-to-360
radial angle

but this is just a temporary seed
a kludge to nudge our nodes
into a circle

so now we can cut that old elastic

momentarily locking words
at their Yahoo angle
but setting their distance
from the circlecenter
based on their frequency of

and now we add back in
word-pairs and threesomes, etc
attached by new elastics
to their component words and phrases

and with their orbits again
determined by the same metric
of frequencies of use

and one can hope these new elastics
when the strict Yahoobet is loosened
will enforce a pretty similar ordering

(words that shift radically
must have some
reason for doing so)