15 October 2006

Local 'mini-blogs' for Web2.0 sites

instead of simple
content-rating schemes
that aggregate/average ratings
down to least-common-denominator

i'd like to see web2.0 sites
widely implement local 'mini-blogs'

that reformat just the content
rated highly by those minibloggers
you choose to subscribe to

along with their comments on that content
and, as well
those comments of others
that they think worth blogging/passing-on

so instead of a
degrading popularity contest
you can seek out
local-to-that-site 'pre-surfers'
whose tastes resemble yours
to filter the content

and then pass on
in your own mini-blog
the best of those several
that you subscribe to

so flickr should turn their 'faves'
into feeds/blogs
with bloggable comments too

and slashdot and digg
could solve their
cream-sinks problem
by allowing mini-blogs
that reformat both the best posts
and the best comments
on a single scrolling page

and the poems-of-the-day sites
(or any x-of-the-day)
if they allow mini-blogs
would be effectively allowing
that they might even charge to have

or google groups
could inject new life into netnews
(instead of bleeding it silly)
by encouraging netnews buffs
to 'promote' the best postings

and since these services
are more-or-less generalisable
perhaps a meta-web2.0-service
could supply customised mini-blogging
to sites that prefer not
to wrestle with it themselves...?