30 October 2006

Oct/Nov 2006 links

'crunchies' = tank-era cannon-fodder (dTongue)
'cue burn' = extra wear where deejays cued songs (dTongue)
'food' = person marked for death by gang (dTongue)
'wall dog' = billboard painter (dTongue)
'woodshedding' = solitary jazz practice (dTongue)
'hamburger bomb' = plastique disguised as burger-patty (dTongue)
'hurry-up syndrome' = haste-made waste (dTongue)
'jizz' = species' visible profile (dTongue)
'trunk-or-treating' = rural halloween tailgate party (dTongue)
Way belated: Month-old GetYrWarOn and Riverbend
Detailed anonymous Google/YouTube gossip (blog via Fim)
Oscars Create New Truman Capote Biopic Category (new Onion)
Fun new toons (NYer)
GIs fire 275k bullets/day in Iraq? (iSteve-stats)
BeerXML (arcane via Fim)
Will Wright profile (NYer via Fim)
'God wink' = cosmic coincidence (dTongue-vshort)
'ground truth' = empirical weather (dTongue)
'red-light fever' = mugging for tv-camera (dTongue)
JamesJoyce search engine (experimental) (GgCoop via jm)
Analogies Bush Has Drawn Between the Iraq War And Assorted Punctuation Marks (dYeti)
Critique of network Nobel coverage (dYeti-friv)
Condi lies about Jordan (aAard)
USA's Arab mouthpiece ranks #56 (aAard-vshort)
More ObL/W convergence (aAard)