20 October 2006

(Repost) Masks of self on the yahoo zodiac

most concepts
on the yahoo zodiac
suggest a visual image

or at least
a 4D kinesthetic one

and even when the
corresponding to the concept
is physically far away
we can manipulate the image

create plans for it
ponder its structure
and even cultivate
new habits
towards it

but when the reality
behind that concept
re-appears physically before us

it's like an empty mask
being filled by a real face

that may or may not
exactly fulfill
our expectations

our images of
are a specially problematic case

because we hate to
disappoint the expectations
of those we respect

but the face
that re-appears behind these
masks of self

is wholly untouched
by most
mental reprogramming

boomer adults still act out
infantile ego-patterns

therapists rarely
gain any real leverage/purchase
on the roots of clients' neuroses

but krishnamurti
an approach via href="http://robotwisdom2.blogspot.com/2005/12/meditation-on-tree-of-life.html">meditation

negatiating with
the face itself

not just the mask