29 October 2006

Sociobiological ethics

my favorite paragraph
of EO Wilson's 'Sociobiology'
is where Robert Trivers demonstrates
that any species which can
recognise individuals
should evolve towards
(because selfish individuals
will be held accountable)

because it supplies a cornerstone
for any future
leftwing evolutionary ethics

not me-first libertarianism
but honor-first superchivalry

where (eg) lying to get ahead
is unthinkable

but i've yet to see this clue
fleshed out into
the full, necessary
blakean christianity

in which personal experiment/experience
is the driving force
unconstrained by those damned
social 'braces'

acknowledging we've been bogged down
for some millennia
in inauthenticity
that has been overriding our finetuned
genetic wisdom

encouraging non-conformity
local experimental communities

exploiting the internet
to hand government back
to the people

eliminating corporations'
bogus claim to privacy
so communities can freely
monitor their ethics

one stubborn quandary
that bugs me still
the nanny function

whether the state steps in
when individuals behave dishonorably

or instead insists
the victims learn
to defend themselves...?