05 December 2006

01-08 December 2006 links

Iraq is massproducing superterrorists (iSteve w/link)
Urban planners don't understand latino culture (iSteve-shortish)
Nice example of daily-comix crit (cCrmdgn)
How did they get the people to stand still long enough to paint their faces and stuff? (oDoffice)
'Clitorides.' (Seriously.) (oDinny)
Nifty visualisation of USA's gWarming emissions (map via eAard)
More salmonella than ever in factory chicken (cRprts via iGreed)
Eric Foner disses W (WaPo-junky via vBoat)
Mixed critique of NPR (Sam-shortish)
CNN alone posts Ahmadinejad's critique of Zionism (etext via Sam)
Area Man Accidentally Responds To Own 'M4M' Ad (Onion-short)
Pretty US zip code maps (maps via Infosthetics)
Examples of badly designed products (thread-no-pix via Fim)
'pill dough' = crushed cold pills for meth labs (dTongue)
Pharmco development 'a total crapshoot' (iGreed)
No, this is my life (oDinny)
Black Cheech&Chong (oDinny)
Upbeat subjective update on Wikipedia (tBray-short)
12 things you can buy from Amazon (eAard-vfriv)
CSS stylesheets are slowing the Web (heh via jm)
Tom McGuane story (NYer-unread)
Rummy's parting words on Iraq spin (iGreed-vshort w/link)
Annotations to new Pynchon (wiki)
Hobo vs little boy (oDinny)
Seven-year-old boy to his three-month-old sister (oDinny)
Backgrounder on Russian polonium poisoning (Xym)
Psychology in 'The Sims' (2003 PsychToday)
Elegant Haskell hack (Gm-short-arcane)