29 December 2006

09-29 December 2006 links

The power of low standards (recent Dilbert)
Nice animated religions-history map (falls for phony Judaism date) (Flash via mshook)
Stats on household electricity waste (blog via dy)
Proust-in-English etext (9pg)
And they call the wind 'Placenta' (oDinny)
Links to alternate calendar-designs (Infosthetics)
'going #3' = throwing up (dTongue)
New NYRB (toc)
'trailing spouse' = moves to spouse's new job-city (dTongue)
LOL's Not Out Loud (dYeti-vshort)
New Pynchon riddled with typos (wiki-list)
ClicheWatch: "Did I just say that out loud?" (GgBooks)
Another good comix critique (cCrmdgn)
Miracle-cure for diabetics? (Can via vBoat)
'grow-op' = basement pot farm (dTongue)
'flashbulb memory' = eg where you were when jfk was shot (dTongue)
Archie's Betty and Veronica get makeover/update (pic-friv via Waxy)
IsraelLobby vs IraqStudyGroup (Uruk via Xym)
Boycott these Zionist corporations (Peace via Xym)
Flying toy flaps wings (rGossip w/pic)
Did Conan Doyle whack Houdini? (Can via eAard)
The six degrees of Suzie Creamcheese (oDinny)
Short speed romance (oDinny)
The YokoOno of violinists? (yTube-2min via eAard)
'fling a craving' = inspire another's craving (dTongue)
Google's new patent search (GgP via iGreed)
$1B anthrax-vaccine boondoggle (Harpers)
Senator's MySpace Top 8 All Corporations (new Onion)
It just blew his mind that this stuff actually existed in the real world (oDinny)
'try-me virus' = web-meme you never visit again (dTongue-Shirky)
Zune lays egg (iGreed w/links)
Massachusetts county tries local currency (Sam)
Walgreen's $10 keychain digicam reviewed (oPhoto via dy)
FederalReserve's mission creep (dBaker-vshort)
Full "Lot 49" etext (300k) [GgB-V] [Az-V] [V notes]
Jimmy Carter on his new critique-of-Israel book (LaTms via gRoom)
Nietzsche quotes randomly paired with FamilyCircus toons (hit-refresh via Fim)
'snivel gear' = for sissy campers (dTongue)
Short profile of SCTV's Eugene Levy (NYer)
31yo hedgefund manager loses $6.6B (Blmbrg via iGreed)
dYeti recommends year's best boardgames (Morn)