09 December 2006

Glass earworms on the Tree of Life

imagine a car stereo
that selected its own tunes
as a way of keeping you informed
about its systems' health

mellow tunes when all was mellow
hard rockers when you need to stay alert

and whenever a problem
needs immediate attention
a super-annoying
atonal repetitive
Philip Glass phrase

which i'll dub
a 'Glass earworm'

the infelicitous consensus
for songs that get stuck
in your mental jukebox)

so graphing your personal
mental jukebox playlist

green for creative
yellow for normal
orange for normally-annoying earworms
red for drive-you-nuts Glass earworms

suggesting something urgent
you're denying?

Do you ever suffer Glass earworms?

Yes, and I make an effort to root out the underlying problem

Yes, but they eventually work themselves out

All the time, they're driving me nuts



Don't understand