18 December 2006

Judgment as a modality on the Tree of Life

each time a human branch
encounters (or hears of)
another branch
judgments are made

if branch A goes away
from an encounter with branch B
with a negative judgment
let branch B (not A)
be colored red from that point
until A's judgment changes

yellow for neutral
green for positive
(or even a full-spectrum
typology of judgments)

A's lifeline
meanders from locale to locale
making judgments that
everyone A encounters
(or hears about)

A in infancy
coloring only a few close relatives

spreading 'paint'
as A's horizons spread

demonstrating more or less inflexibility
in changing judgments

more or less gullibility
in accepting others' self-judgments

more or less compassion
in allowing for others' differences

and complementarily
each time a B
encounters A (or hears of A)
that B forms a judgment

'passively' painted horizons
spreading similarly
except where many Bs
hear of A
(infamy, renown)
without A 'hearing back'

and if we toggle
between these views
vs others'-judgments-of-A

we can look for red/green dichotomies
he loves her
she loves him not