09 November 2007

About: metatagsoup

this del.icio.us design experiment
is first of all intended as
an efficient ontology for
IMDb movie keywords

(a taxicab is a car is a vehicle is a prop)

substituting the theatrical
for person-place-thing

and secondarily
a unification of all comparable ontologies
(roget polti adler barger lenat yahoo/dmoz)
and tagged web2.0 content

on the hypothesis that
movies (can) encompass all

the ontology defined
pragmatically (bottom up)
not philosophically (top down)
eg maybe:

props: vehicle weapon gizmo treasure clothing message container

sets: interior exterior road land sea weather

roles: girl kid buddy rival creature criminal cop stranger group maker mentor healer

prop:gizmo: phone camera clock weapon musicalinstrument

prop:message: letter sign file contract book magazine newspaper artwork

set:interior: store office bank theater club restaurant jail

(these 'literary' categories
being more artfi not scifi
seem to make nerds uncomfortable
but the semantic web movement
will just be spinning its wheels
until they're addressed)